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Driveway Painting

The Linn-Mar Varsity Poms Driveway Paintings and Pavers are back! 

We will begin painting in June and will continue as allowed throughout summer. We will reach out to those who sign up to schedule an evening or weekend.

All money raised will go toward the designated Linn-Mar Varsity Pom fund at the Linn-Mar School Foundation. This fund supports our nationally recognized program with needed equipment and scholarships. You can locate this account at

Driveway Painting — The logo is 3’ X 3’ in red and white (see below) and will be positioned near the end of the driveway, above the sidewalk and centered, unless you specify otherwise. Spray paint is semi-permanent and can be power washed off at your discretion. The logo can also be placed on basketball courts or patios.

Pavers— The Pavers are 16”X16”with the logo painted on it for $30. Color background choices are white or natural.

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