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In Loving Memory of Melissa A. Brendes

Melissa A. Brendes' parents, Galen and Sherry Brendes, donated mirrors for the poms on behalf of Melissa. The mirrors were installed in the gym of the LRC, formally Novak, as well as memorial plaques. Because of this donation the team now has a designated practice facility, this gym is now a 'no ball' gym and can be used not only for the poms but the cheerleaders as well.

Melissa, a 2005 graduate and pom, was tragically taken in a car accident October 18, 2007. Her love of dance and poms will be reflected in these mirrors for years to come by all those that follow in her footsteps.                            

The Plaque Reads

“These mirrors are presented as a reflection of Melissa’s personal dedication and love for the art of dance, and her belief that the ability to be an inspiration to those around you is a gift from God. May the same love and encouragement that Melissa shared with those around her be embodied in the spirit and personal conduct of all who gaze into these mirrors.”

Melissa Ann - - You are forever loved. December 2010

In Loving Memory of

Melissa Ann Brendes

Linn-Mar Class of 2005

Melissa Ann Brendes Scholarship Recipients

Kendall Sturtz


Delaney Hannan


Brynn Carr


Elizabeth Wild


Cassidy Burns


2016 - Jenna Printy

2015 - Bryn Myers

2014 - Morgan Vana

2013 - Reilly Trent

2012 - Shannon Sindelar

2011 - Lisa Morgan

2010 - Katie Goodell

2009 - Molly Good

2008 - Katie McNeil

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